About Us

We are the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Day Walking Group, one of a number of Christian
day walking groups throughout England and Wales.

Autumn Glory

Video of our Autumn 2013 walk on the Isle of Wight.

Hants and Wight

What makes us the Hants and Wight contingent is that the walks are mainly in these counties. However we do sometimes have walks in Dorset, West Sussex and Wiltshire. For those that like to enjoy weekends or longer times away walking with friends there is a national group: The Christian Walking Club. We are independent from them but many of us are members.


A group photo

We are not an official club, just a group of friends (some we've not met yet) who enjoy going walking together. Each of us takes full responsibility for our own safety. We understand that we need to keep up with the group and be both suitably equipped and fit enough to cope with uneven ground, steep slopes, mud, rain, hot weather and whatever else the countryside throws at us.


The group generally walks on Saturdays, with an average of 15 on each walk. We start our walks by thanking God for the weather (whatever it is) and committing the day into His hands. We welcome people of all ages. The walks are as varied as the people leading them, and have included Danebury Ring, the New Forest, Tangley, Hamble, Hartley Witney, Selborne, Sparsholt, Titchfield plus Tennyson Down and Culver Cliff on the Island.

Miles and Miles

Walks have been from 5-14 miles in length, determined by whoever is leading the walk, so there could be shorter or longer walks if anyone is willing to lead them. Walks usually include a picnic or pub lunch and may finish with a teashop.


We occasionally have social events such as barbeques hosted in the garden of a member. Once a year we like to go away together for a residential weekend. This can be anywhere in the country (or even abroad if someone is willing to organise it!). These events are only for members. We also enjoy going to concerts and plays, especially in the open air with 'lashings of ginger beer'.

See the Join page for details of how to receive the full programme.