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We are the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Day Walking Group, one of a number of Christian day walking groups throughout England and Wales.  Most of our walks will be Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight. However, we do sometimes have walks in Dorset, West Sussex and Wiltshire and occasionally walk with similar groups in these counties. For those that like to enjoy weekends or longer times away walking with friends there is a national group - The Christian Walking Club. We are independent from them but many of us are members.


We are not an official club, just a group of friends who enjoy walking together. Each of us takes full responsibility for our own safety on these walks so that will include having sufficient fitness to cope with the terrain and the length of the walk. Our personal responsibilities also include being suitably equipped with footwear and clothing for steep slopes, mud, rain, hot weather and whatever else the countryside throws at us. Each person will be expected to carry their own food and fluids for the day and a simple first aid kit.


Walks are often planned for a Saturday so that they don’t conflict with church commitments but other days of the week will pop up from time to time. Mostly circular but occasionally linear walks will be arranged using bus, train or car shuffles to return to the start. Sometimes there is a 'figure of eight' which provides maximum flexibility and allows those who only cope with 3 or 4 miles to join for part of the walk whilst meeting everyone for lunch.  The walks are as varied as the people leading them, and may be anything from a gentle 2 mile stroll to a more strenuous 12-14 mile hike. For full day walks there is either a picnic or pub lunch and may finish with a teashop.

We start our walks by thanking God for the weather (whatever it is) and committing the day into His hands. 

People of all ages are welcome but children must be accompanied by a parent. 

See the Join page for details of how to be added to our WhatsApp group.