Walk Leaders Information

Walk Leaders Information

We ask that wherever possible the walk leader pre-walks the route to discover any difficulties and more about the nature of the walk. The number of styles, steepness of slopes, suitable picnic places are best identified in advance. Also, see if a short cut is possible: it might prove useful if the weather changes or someone is struggling. If choosing a pub for lunch contact them to see if booking is required. Its also helpful to have a rough idea of the menu and prices for when people enquire.

As walk leader you are able to decide the details of the walk e.g., pace, start time, number of walkers you are happy to take and whether children or dogs are welcome. If you are happier to have a smaller group and no dogs that is your decision as Walk Leader and perhaps indicate that when people contact you for details. Before setting the date check on the WhatsApp group for dates when other walks have been arranged to avoid clashes. Then post the walk on the HWCW WhatsApp group stating date, day, start time, general location, distance and your contact details, either email or mobile number which ever you prefer. People interested in this walk will then contact you so you can send more information including start location, route, lunch info, and other relevant details.

Walkers are responsible for their own safety but as walk leader you are able to advise someone not to walk if they are not suitably shod, clad or provisioned.

Choose your start point carefully as some car parks may be vulnerable to vandalism, difficult to find etc. Check that folk have parked wisely, not in a dangerous place or causing an obstruction. Remind folk not to leave valuables on view or in the boot. Not everyone has a car so if someone is in need of a lift, please do your best to help, perhaps linking them with someone travelling from the same direction or arranging for them to be picked up from a station. We understand that this not always possible.

When everyone is gathered and ready to leave describe the route and answer any questions. You will need the appropriate OS Map, preferably from the Explorer range. As back up if is good to have a tracking App on your phone e.g., OS maps, Komoot. We like to start each walk with a prayer asking for safety, good conversations and enjoyment of God’s creation.

Be aware of your group, appoint a back marker for larger groups, and be watchful of anyone who might be having difficulties.

A record of the year’s walks is produced in a Photobook at the end of each year. Please take at least one photo of the group or an interesting view and send to the book creator (details from the membership secretary) with a short description of the walk. Please respect everyone’s wishes.

Thank you for leading a walk for the Hampshire and Wight Christian Walking Club