Walkers Information

Extra information for Walkers

Brief details of a walk will be posted on the WhatsApp by the walk leader. If you are interested contact the walk leader directly using the contact details provided and they will give you details of starting point, car parking, description of terrain. lunch details etc. Generally, the longer walks tend to be a at a faster pace but ask the walk leader for details about that. Many find walking poles helpful, reducing strain on knees and adding extra confidence over tricky terrain. Places on walks may be limited so it is essential to contact walk leader as soon as you know you are interested.

Start Time

We ask that you are ready with boots on and rucksack packed to leave at the start time stated. If you are running late please contact the walk leader who may be able to wait for you but this might not always be possible.

Clothing and Footwear

Please come suitably shod and clad. Be prepared for mud, overgrown paths, rain, brilliant sunshine so waterproof clothing and sunscreen can be required on the same walk. An extra layer is useful in case the weather changes and a small first-aid pack to cover your own needs might be helpful. Inappropriate footwear and clothing can ruin the day for yourself and others; the walk leader may ask you not to walk if you are ill-equipped.


Pack plenty of fluids especially on summer walks. Most walks will have a rest break halfway through the morning so if you can’t do without your morning cuppa do bring a flask. Lunch may be a “take your own picnic” or have the option of a meal at a pub. Make sure you know which in advance as we don’t want you to go hungry.

Car Parking

Do not leave valuables in the boot of your car or on display. Walker’s cars are often targeted as thieves know we will be gone some time. Please be thoughtful when parking and avoid obstructing driveways and other entrances or making it difficult for larger vehicles to get through.

Children and Dogs

Please check with the walk leader before bringing children or animals on a walk.


If you are unhappy to be in any photo which may be used in the photobook or on the website then inform the walk leader at the start and also make sure the membership secretary knows so that we have a record.

Care of the countryside

Please take home all rubbish including orange peel and banana skins. Ensure the last person through closes the gate. Be careful when going through fields with livestock especially in the spring, keep together, moving quietly round the edge if appropriate. Dogs MUST be on leads.

Remember - Participation at all these events is at your own risk